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Facial Treatments

Cleansing € 55,00 (75 min)

This treatment aims to purify the skin through a deep facial cleansing. It is appropriate for any type of skin and it is recommended as preparation for any other facial treatment.

Desensitisation € 65,00 (75 min)

This treatment, thanks to its soothing and decongestive properties, makes skin look fresher and brighter and softens blushes. It is especially good for sensitive or blotchy skin.

Anti-age € 65,00 (75 min)

This is the beauty ritual done with oils for mature skin, which favours cell turnover. Its functional and anti-oxidant properties, generated from natural ingredients, have a revitalizing and re-equilibrating action.

Men facial treatment € 65,00 (75 min)

A wellness ritual dedicated to men, whose skin continuously suffers stress from shaving. Skin will be regenerated and will be purer, fresher and taut.