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Who we are

Smile, you are in the Dolomites

This for us is more than a brand value: it is our philosophy and our guarantee to you and it means many different things. We will share with you stories from the Primiero Valley and suggest to you where to go to discover its beauties. We will wait for you after a day outdoors with a delicious afternoon snack, with a clean and welcoming room and with a relaxing massage in the spa or a delicious gourmet dish that will make your dinner special. There will be many small gestures that will make your holiday unforgettable, brought to you by our incredible team.

Our team is our family and it will become your family too.

  • Hotel Isolabella Primiero


    Each of us is like a note, contributing and adding a personal touch to the overall song that will be the background of your holiday. Our harmony and care really make the difference!

  • Antonella e Paolo - Hotel Isolabella Primiero - Trentino


    We love art and the emotions that music brings but, above all, we love the Primiero Valley. We grew up surrounded by these mountains and we got to know and love them deeply. This is what we want to share with you and we cannot wait to welcome you here!

  • Staff reception - Hotel Isolabella Primiero - Trentino


    The best thing after a long journey is to be welcomed at the hotel reception by a warm smile and a special person that will make you feel at home straight away. For this reason, you will find Arianna at our reception: she is very friendly, professional and attentive to details.

  • Hotel Isolabella Primiero


    Your holiday memories will also consist of what you will taste. Our chefs Franco and Mauro work hard every day to translate into art the delicious dishes and traditions of Trentino.

  • Hotel Isolabella Primiero


    While you will feel at home wherever you will be in our hotel, our restaurant will surely add a special touch to your stay. You only need to sit and relax and all will be done for you by expert, professional and dedicated staff. Our high-quality staff will transform your dinner into an experience to remember with their kindness and expertise. Come to one of our dining rooms and enjoy your dinner, even before you will get to taste our food!

  • Hotel Isolabella Primiero


    Close your eyes, relax and breathe. Can you feel the warmth under your skin, your muscles becoming tender? Let our expert Martina accompany you along a regeneration journey, which will maximise the wellness of both your body and spirit.

  • Hotel Isolabella Primiero


    If our bar is always full of life in the evening, it is also thanks to our bartenders. Ask them about any cocktail, long drink, wine, prosecco, beer or local grappa and they will know how best to serve you to end your day in the mountains on a high note.

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