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Hotel Isolabella - piscina idromassaggio

Wellness Centre

Experience our Jacuzzi, water fountains and jets, sauna, frigidarium and relaxation area: we can offer a 350 m2 wellness centre in the heart of Trentino.

Come in and rejoice in the delicate aroma of wood and herbs, fell the warm embrace of vapour and the sweetness of barely audible chat. Relax and indulge in the romantic setting of our spa. Once you think you have it all, abandon yourself to the massage of the Jacuzzi and let it make sounds and thoughts even more sweet and tender. Close your eyes and let us accompany you on the island of your dreams.

SPA offer

    Hot jets will help you relax and release the tensions from your muscles, relieving you from the daily stress. Water temperature is at 36 degrees Celsius.
    Warm shower, which is relaxing and soft.
    Refreshing and reinvigorating shower.
    45-50° degrees Celsius and 55-65% humidity level.
    This steam bath is equipped with chromo-therapy and special fragrances and has beneficial effects on your respiratory system by provoking spontaneous sweating and a natural detox of skin and other tissues.
    45-48° degrees Celsius and 100% humidity level.
    This steam bath is equipped with chromo-therapy and special fragrances and helps to improve breathing and heart frequency. Moreover, it stimulates the neurosystem and eliminates your body eliminate toxins and impurities.
    80° degrees Celsius and 20% humidity level.
    The sauna helps your body to quickly release toxins through sweating, it favours the dilatation of your blood vessels and it relaxes muscles and junctures.
    After having warmed up in the sauna, discover the refreshing effect of cooling it down in a small bath filled with ice and cold water. It will add tone to your muscles and it will stimulate your blood circulation.
    Walk bare feet in special ponds that alternate hot and cold water to help activating blood microcirculation in your lower body and to strengthen their tissues.
    The ideal place to relax and re-energize.
    During summer months, make the most of our outdoor garden to relax your mind and let the sun rays caress your body and soul.

SPA opening times

2:30-7:00pm Daily (adults only 6:00-7:00pm)
7:30pm-10:00pm upon reservation and payment (for groups of min. 10 people)

Beauty centre opening times

10:00am-1:00pm upon reservation and dependent on availability
2:30-7:30pm Daily – dependent on availability: reservation is highly recommended

Price and conditions

Access to the Wellness Centre is free for all hotel guests. External guests can access the spa at the following rates:

Spa entry and towel: €20
10 entries pass: €130
Robe and slippers: €10
Children entry:
0-5 years: €8
6-14 years: €12

Vouchers to enjoy a treatment in our Wellness Centre are the perfect gift for any occasion. Our vouchers can also be ordered by phone and then either sent by email or printed on the day of their use.

In order to improve the service of our Beauty Centre, we strongly encourage you to book your treatment or massage in advance, even before your arrival at the hotel. We will be happy to create special beauty packages to cater any special need or desire.

We prepare each appointment at the Beauty Centre very carefully. Therefore, in case you can’t attend your appointment anymore, we kindly ask you to cancel your reservation at least 24 hours in advance. If cancellation will happen less than 24 hours in advance, we will charge 50% of the price of your booking.

Code of conduct

Access is open and free at Isola Wellness but please keep in mind it is meant to be an oasis of peace and wellbeing. You can access it through the panoramic elevator, on the floor -1.

We kindly ask you to access the Wellness area wearing the robe and/or towel that you will find in your room. You can purchase slippers for the spa or ask to change your towel and robe at reception for €5.

We know that children love to play with water. However, this is not very compatible with allowing other guests to relax and enjoy the peace of the Wellness area. Therefore, we ask you to accompany and supervise your children aged 14 or below at any time, to ensure the respect of other guests. Children can only enter the water area and they can access it only up to 6:00pm. Between 6:00-7:00pm access to the wellness centre is for adults only.


  • Before entering the Wellness area it is compulsory to take a shower and pass through the anti-fungal disinfection area, to make sure the health of every guest is protected. This is especially important because it is possible to enter in the sauna only barefoot or with clean slippers
  • For hygienic and health reasons, we ask you to enter the sauna without swimwear and without slippers. This means there might be naked people in the sauna.
  • It is compulsory to bring your towel with you into the sauna.
  • It is not possible to bring animals in the Wellness Centre
  • It is not possible to dive in the pool
  • Enjoy silence and respect other guests’ desire to enjoy it
  • We highly discourage the usage of the sauna if you have flu, temperature, angina or epilepsy. In any case, you should be careful in using in if you have heart and circulation problems or suffer from varicose vein.

Check out the brochure of Isola Wellness for more information.