Vasca Nuvola presso il centro benessere IsolaWellness dell'Hotel Isolabella - Trentino

Body massages

Pure essential oil stimulate your senses… Our body massages massage, a love gesture, which loosens up your tension and gives you relaxing moments, for an incredible wellbeing sensation…

  • TOTAL BODY MASSAGE € 55 (55 min.)
    Delicate fragrance and customized techniques to make special every single moment
  • BACK OR LEGS MASSAGE € 30 (25 min.)
    Relax your muscles and stimulate blood circulation.
  • LOMI LOMI HAWAIAN MASSAGE € 55 (55 min.)
    Called “the soul massage”.  Whith the technique of forearms’ usage, your blood circulatory system will improve, you will relax your muscles and create your well-being state.
  • DRAINING MASSAGE € 55 (55 min.)
    It stimulates your blood circulation giving you a pleasant sensation of lightness
  • DECONTRACTING MASSAGE € 55 (55 min.)
    To relieve contractures and muscle tension
  • AROMATIC MASSAGE € 60 (55 min.)
    Warm butter and soft massages relax your body and give an immediate wellbeing sensation
  • RELAXING MASSAGE € 55 (55 min.)
    Relax your body, reduce your tension and restore your energy
  • PLANTAR MASSAGE € 30 (25 min.)
    Soft massage of your feet sole which helps to restore your natural balance
  • BODY AND FACE  LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE:  BODY € 55 (55 min.) – BODY + FACE € 70 (75 min.)
    It acts on lymphatic vessels, removing toxins and reducing water retention
    It reduces cellulite and re-activate your blood circulation
  • RELAXING FACE MASSAGE € 30 (25 min.)