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What to eat

It is very easy to understand the traditions and history of a place by tasting its typical products!


There are many different delicacies that you should taste while in the Primiero valley, but you absolutely cannot leave without having tried our famous canederli, which are bread-based balls with speck, cheese and eggs. They are an absolute must of the cuisine from Trentino! Additionally, you should try the strangolapreti, spinach gnocchi cooked in a butter and parmesan sauce. They are really delicious! Alternatively, you can enjoy a barley soup, which was historically enjoyed by farmer families of the area and which is perfect for cold winter nights.


The Primiero Valley is full of farms and fields where cows can be taken in summer to feed with fresh grass and plenty of space and fresh air. For this reason, the area offers excellent cheese, capturing the special flavour that only mountains can provide to dairy products. The most famous cheese of the valley is the tosèla, a fresh cheese that is made as soon as the milk is taken from the cow. The tosèla is best served grilled or melted, with polenta, mushrooms and sausages. You should definitely not miss it! Similarly, we encourage you to try the typical smoked ricotta of this area, which is truly special.


In the valleys of Primiero, Fassa and Fiemme, you can drive along the Dolomites Cheese Road. This road will make you experience a fantastic culinary itinerary while enabling you to explore the most beautiful and remote areas of Eastern Trentino, full of contrasts and spectacular landscapes. Along the way, you will have the chance to stop at carefully selected and certified farms, which respect high quality standards in the preparation of dairy products and local dishes. Embarking on that journey will be a way not only to taste the best food this area can offer but also to travel through space and time to discover its soul.