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Hotel Isolabella Primiero

What to see

Fiera di Primiero is a small mountain town surrounded by the wonderful Dolomites, where beauty is in sight everywhere you look and in winter you can enjoy the smell of wooden fire.

Can you imagine a small place surrounded by the best mountains you can think of, where streets are always full of people and joy, the smell of chimneys fills the winter air and the sound of bells accompanies your day? That place is Fiera di Primiero, which also enjoys as background the unrivalled charm of the Dolomites, which are UNESCO World Heritage Site. Isolabella is right at the heart of this peaceful paradise.

Fiera di Primiero is called “la Fiera” in our local dialect and it is an ancient town, which makes you feel up in the mountains even if it is only 750 metres above sea level. Its 360 view is breath-taking. North you can see the Pale di San Martino, one of the most impressive set of peaks in the Dolomites. Meanwhile, South and East, you can enjoy the mountains surrounding Feltre and, in particular, Mount Pavone, characterised by an unmistakable pyramidal shape.

Luigi Negrelli, the famous civil engineer who designed the Suez Canal was born here. You can find the house where he was born on the same square where you will also have the opportunity to visit the Palace of the old mines, which now hosts the Primiero History and Archive Centre. When you will stroll around town, do not forget to have a look at the church of the Assunta, which is in gothic style, and at the small church of San Martino.

To learn more about what to see and do in Fiera di Primiero, have a look at our Local Area Guide.