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Panoramica Art Room Jimi Trotter tono marrone

Art Room

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Art Room

Room size 20/22 square metres with included facilities:
  • private balcony with panoramic view
  • TV
  • telephone
  • wi-fi internet
  • safe
  • minibar
  • wood floor
  • en-suite toilet with shower and hairdryer
  • courtesy set
  • towels, bathrobe and sauna towel for the wellness centre

Art rooms are colourful and with an original design and they are inspired by local arts and artisans, welcoming and comfortable. They are ideal for couples, families or if you are travelling as a group of friends.

Art rooms are not just rooms but real work of arts that you can live in.


Room description

Art rooms are the highlight of our hotel. We are very proud of them because they express our passion for art and local artisanal products and they allow us to share this passion with you.

Each room celebrates the work of the contemporary artist, who created a unique work on purpose to decorate one of its walls. These rooms are also embellished by duvet covers, handmade by local artisans from the town of Mezzano using traditional looms, and by original wood carvings.

  • The room dedicated to Lydia Jonkman, designed by this artist of Dutch origins who has shared connections with Trentino from her childhood, shows through her bright art a joyful, instinctive and simple view of the world.
  • The room dedicated to Alessandro Bazan, who is a Sicilian painter and jazz players, is characterised by a painting that transmits his love for music and creates a jazz atmosphere.
  • The room dedicated to Max Gaudenzi, a local artist, presents his work translating in sculpture and painting, often mixing these techniques, the impressions he receives from his homeland.
  • The rooms created by Angelo Trotter, a jazz artist from Trentino, show his ability to mix music and creativity and also benefit from handmade textiles created by Arteler in Mezzano.
  • The room designed by Johanne Nortje, a young Southafrican artist, showcases the intese atmosphere of one of the most lively countries on the planet.
  • The room designed by Riccardo Schweizer, a local artist, combines traditions and avantguarde, creating a magic symphony between art and life.
  • The room designed by Simone Turra, a local artist, combines traditions and avantguarde, creating a magic symphony between art and life.
  • Silvia de Bestiani, a young contemporary artist who lives and works in Imer (in Primiero Valley), designed also one of the rooms.

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